Speed Classic 2010 great photos!!

Speed Classic 2010 great photos!! Got the information from the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SpeedClassic See the water blasting away, crowdy course. Swell… This looks like the PWA slalom ;), aggressive conditions. Keeping control and confidence in this cold choppy and highwind conditions, Respect! Sometimes pro windsurfing can be a hard job!! Dunki leads with his new … Read more

Become Speedsurfingblog.com Author

Become Speedsurfingblog.com Author We are looking for ways to make speedsurfingblog.com even more interesting to read. Therefor we are looking for “experts” in speedsurfing (related) subjects. We are looking for passionate speedsurfing writers. Examples of expertise “Do-it-yourself, speedsurfing in Australia/ USA/ etc)”. example: Headeditor his expertise is Speedsurfing in the Netherlands, Tuning Windsurfequipment, Windsurf Development, BloggingIt … Read more

Rolling Chop on superbroad courses

Rolling Chop on superbroad courses All speedsurfers know downwind is faster than halfwind and going deep downwind is often faster than surfing only 10-20° off-wind. Okay, but what are we doing in reality? If you have a free area you can stay halfwind to build up pressure in your sail and then you turn downwind … Read more

Introduction to ‘The Bus’

Introduction to ‘The Bus’ Weymouth Speed Week 2011, 33.5knots max on Exocet SL sport 66cm  with 37.5 cm Back Project type R fin and 7.6 Tush X15 sail  Result: 2nd place Novice.  Picture taken by Dave White. This feels quite strange, writing about myself on someone elses website is not something I am used to … Read more

10 Speedsurfing DO NOTS

  10 Speedsurfing DO NOTS 1. DO NOT Think upwind has higher priority than downwind… OK officially the upwind sailor goes first, but on most ‘speed-days’ you don’t have the perfect wind on every run, and the good runs are not too regular. It is not good when you finally seek out that gust and … Read more