We are looking for ways to make even more interesting to read. Therefor we are looking for “experts” in speedsurfing (related) subjects. We are looking for passionate speedsurfing writers. Examples of expertise “Do-it-yourself, speedsurfing in Australia/ USA/ etc)”. example: Headeditor his expertise is Speedsurfing in the Netherlands, Tuning Windsurfequipment, Windsurf Development, Blogging

It is not needed to publish X number of articles, quality is definitly most important! Also the main speedsurfing message should be about fun and not only records.

Do you think you could be an expert writing for Please send an email to headeditor ( and answer these questions:
-What is your “expertise”?
-Explain more about this expertise related to speedsurfing? (some example subjects)
-What is your goal when writing on