German Speedchannel!!

  German Speedchannel!! German speedchannel in the making Finally the channel will be ready this season, a topsecret project for many years. Dimensions 2100m long and 150m wide, curved course. It will be great to have a speedspot without tidal problem and free to use. Manfred Merle and Thomas Doublin claim the record will be … Read more

500 people like

  500 people like Wow a new benchmark for this blog, liked by 500 people. Speedsurfing may not be the biggest sport, but interesting enough to blog about and be liked by 500 people. I like it 🙂 Erik Loots Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in … Read more

Three days windsurfing with the new ReflexII

  Three days windsurfing with the new ReflexII ReflexII 7.0 + Futura 93 – Picture by Marcel Braas Short summarized about ReflexII Onshore I saw higher quality materials being used (mastsleeve, tackstrap, cambers), which is a good thing, because I would like to use the sails for many sessions. On the water after a hour … Read more

man riding a red speed surfing board

YEAH you can have fun in 13kn gusts with GPS

YEAH you can have fun in 13kn gusts with GPS Thanks Marjon van Leeuwen and Raymond Wortel for this beautiful shot! Saturday 2 April 2011, I went windsurfing with my brother Wouter. He could decide where to go and we went to the Gouwzee, because Wouter wanted to test his 96cm wide board for light … Read more

Speedsurfing with Freeracestuff – Part1

Speedsurfing with Freeracestuff – Part1 I started Speedsurfing with a mix of Freemove- and Slalomstuff and orientated my quiver more and more to Slalom- and Speedsurfing. For a lot people who like to go fast and thinking about starting Speedsurfing it is a tough question if it makes sense to buy pure Slalommaterial or to … Read more

New Speed Fin Releases

  New Speed Fin Releases Today I heard about 3 speed fins going into production. This got to be a new achievement, a milestone for speedsurfing. Again prove speedsurfing is alive and back. GPS_4 GPS_5 The Sonntag Fins GPS_4 is the speedfin with conventional outline, the main thing we tested for was a good performance … Read more