A speedcross windsurfboard for long distance

  A speedcross windsurfboard for long distance I currently use my hypersonic for 12kn+ wind crossings and after these crossings I started to think: is this the ultimate board for my adventures? These days most windsurf boards are developed and tested in a wide range of conditions. Yet if I may be honest, there is … Read more

Windsurfing without wind

  Windsurfing without wind It was not planned, it just happened. Windsurfing in wind below 2kn, been there done that after today. There should have been 12 kn last weekend (northerly wind)… I thought lets do a Almere-Amsterdam crossing… It wasn’t a normal Sunday however, it was jinxed Sunday. In the morning I was confronted with the fact I … Read more

SUP 11-City Tour, there was a time windsurfers did it too

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