A speedcross windsurfboard for long distance


A speedcross windsurfboard for long distance

I currently use my hypersonic for 12kn+ wind crossings and after these crossings I started to think: is this the ultimate board for my adventures?

These days most windsurf boards are developed and tested in a wide range of conditions. Yet if I may be honest, there is no production board which ticks all the boxes for me. What if I don’t care how good a board gybes or accelerates out of a gybe? What if I don’t care about flat water topspeed, or being able to do a spock on the board? What if I don’t want to race and overtake others? If I just want a board that has an fast average and is easy on the longer reaches for true blasting..

I am curious and convinced most windsurfboards out there are developed with the same goals and beliefs. When sticking to the gliding boards you have currently three categories “slalom”, “freerace” and “speed” (I belief freeride, wave and freestyle definitly don’t bring any better characteristics for crossings).My short translation for each boardtype:

  • Slalom-A fast short rockerline, wide tails, powerfull fins, able to accelerate quickly (from basically 5 km/h). Power of the fin/tail can be used for overtaking. Can take huge sails. Sometimes powerfull rails. The slalomboard really does “fly”over chop on the fin. Fast but demanding on the legs.
  • Freerace-A fast rockerline often longer and a bit higher nose, thinner boards, less demanding fins. Rounded rails… Sometimes thinner tails. For example the starboard futura (which is my favorite freeracer I have riden up till now)
  • Speed-A fast (flatter) short rockerline with small tail, short fin (for sailsize). Able to accelerate quick (from 40km/h on). Powerfull rails. Not built for large chop.

Speedcross board (dreaming and thinking about a better design)

When dreaming about a good board for blasting (freerace-speed-crossing board) I would like to mix the freerace and speed design. I am not that much interested in the 5-40km/h acceleration of a slalomboard (or gybing etc.)
My design would be based on the following beliefs:
-small tail (pintail for example), I don’t want much pressure at my backfoot
-powerfull rails (not rounded for gybing or other tricks), the board should be able to take lots of lateral forces efficient (this way the finsize is less important)
-a fast rockerline, a bit longer than slalom for length stability. A short flat rockers make the board hard to trim fast, especially for lighter windsurfers which rely more on airflow over the front of the board for looseness.
-a thicker board (doesn’t break or lose energy quickly), safe and good…
-a good upwind ability without the need for huge fins.

My current board the hypersonic 
Is the hypersonic a good speedcross board? The hypersonic ticks a lot of boxes except the rockerline length and pintail, and thats exactly my most difficult part… The board length angle is hard to keep in a good angle for longer periods of time, however I am trying different trim options and not everything has been tried yet.

Best solution (in theory)
A bit something like the carbon art speed… I would like to fly on the tail with little effort for long times… I believe in theory that would be the best board design to do faster crossings.

To conclude: Wanted carbon art speed 100 liters +, in europe. mail loots.e@gmail.com if you are willing to sell such a board

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.