Waxing a white surfboard

Best Surf Wax for Surfboards

Surf Wax for Surfboards is crucial for your security while surfing, and utilizing one is going to let you enjoy the sport. No matter in case you’re an amateur or maybe a seasoned surfer, knowing what wax fits your needs best is an additional advantage within the long run. Your surfboard is made very sleek … Read more

Mijn Geschiedenis Deel III

Na in de zomer van 2006 de Arrows Maxx Speed zeilen gekocht te hebben, ook kleine maten was het de bedoeling om er ook een klein board bij te scoren. Uiteraard wou ik voor Starboard gaan aangezien de 2 voorgaande boards ook starboards waren. In Nederland was ik niet zo blij met de starboard importeur … Read more


Not to long ago did Dennis Littel speeds on an formulaboard very close to 35 knots. After that amazing performance I started to think… Lenght of an fin can not effect speed directly. What does finlenght do? I know one thing for sure, finlenght does create lift. Larger fins are easier to bend, combined with … Read more


Last weekend I surfed on the Gouwzee with not much wind. Since I started speedsurfing all my lightwind gear was sold to pay the highwind gear. But BEFORE speedsurfing or before mid-2006 I had a lot of experience with big sails gusty wind and optimalisation crosswind speed. I am talking about speed in max 12-13kn wind! … Read more


Already 2 sessions in a row and it looks like today will be the third on ‘t Kuitje, it is a nice oppurtunity to test. Not only I learned about my new gear, finally I got my speed a bit better with Northeast wind. The trick is getting a lot of speed crosswind, this can … Read more