Vestas Sailrocket 2

  Vestas Sailrocket 2 The new Vestas (you know from the windenergy) Sailrocket 2 is ready for action! And what a nice finish it is. Lots and lots of interesting details, its anyway a piece of modern art. Will it be as fast as the previous sailrocket, or much more faster, lets see next year(s). … Read more

Speedsurfing Blog readers Nationality top 10

  Speedsurfing Blog readers Nationality top 10 Did you ever wonder who does read speedsurfing stuff and from which places?? 86 nationalities have visited this blog lately, big (example: USA, Russia) to small (example: New Caledonia, Cyprus).For the record: all analytics from speedsurfingblog are anonymous, privacy is very important Top 10 website visits last 30 … Read more

Fanatic Falcon Speed 45 & 51 [2011]

  Fanatic Falcon Speed 45 & 51 [2011] The new falcon speed is mainly developed by Peter de Wit who does windsurf at the same spots as I do, and I bet his ideas will be a guaranty for a true gps-speedboard. There will be 2 sizes 45 and 51cm wide, if I remember correct … Read more

About Patrick Miller

  About Patrick Miller welcomes the newest author Patrick Miller. Read below Patrick his story and goals on speedsurfingblog. Read more about the change to a multi-writer blog here.On Editor Expertise: Speedsurfing in Germany, speed development from Germany Contact Patrick Miller What does means to Patrick? At the beginning of speedsurfingblog in … Read more

About Hans Kleingeld

About Hans Kleingeld  Hans will be the weather expert on speedsurfingblog, articles about weather&effects related to windsurfing. I do have many conversations with Hans Kleingeld about weather, windsurfing & fun, sometimes for hours.On  Editor Expertise: Weather Contact: Hans Kleingeld What does means to Hans? In mid 80 Hans started windsurfing on one of the … Read more