Waxing a white surfboard

Best Surf Wax for Surfboards

Surf Wax for Surfboards is crucial for your security while surfing, and utilizing one is going to let you enjoy the sport. No matter in case you’re an amateur or maybe a seasoned surfer, knowing what wax fits your needs best is an additional advantage within the long run. Your surfboard is made very sleek … Read more

[review] Suunto Ambit Peak 3 for windsurfing

  [review] Suunto Ambit Peak 3 for windsurfing This is not my first GPS for windsurfing. A long time ago I started with the Garmin Foretrex (also a watch). After losing a foretrex twice I got a amarillo triptracker (navi GT 11), for this GPS a aquapack was required around my arm. After this I bought two GT31 … Read more

[review] Sonntag GPS_6

[review] Sonntag GPS_6 How much speed do you need! The GPS_6 takes medium wind efficiency to a higher level. It is not a lightwind fin, performance is below average in lightwind. I didn’t test it in extreme high wind, however I believe the fin is best for 20~35kn of wind. Why is it fast? I … Read more

[review] Tribal Powermax

[review] Tribal Powermax I was looking for a fast freeride fin. In 2007 I had Tectonics Falcon F1 fins (which are freeride fins). Chris Lockwood recommended these fins and I really like them. Last year I did a session with my Sonntag SL-S (an old competition fin) and I questioned myself if a freeride fin … Read more

[Test] Neilpryde no cam race- Hellcat 7.2-2015 and 8.2-2014

  [Test] Neilpryde no cam race- Hellcat 7.2-2015 and 8.2-2014 Yesterday I tested two Hellcat sails in the tropical winds. First no-cam racesails I tryed since forever… The wind was at the low end  (below) 15kn. I learned no-cam sails can be good for a bit of racing. The main differences no-cam versus cam: -no-cam … Read more

[review] Ortlieb X-Plorer

[review] Ortlieb X-Plorer When I started to think about being helpless offshore, to far to swim… Which options are left normally? Getting noticed or picked up by another is the answer.However I want to be able to help myself out if I can, I don’t want to bother someone else because a rope broke. Some parts … Read more

[review] Starboard Hypersonic, hype or true?

  [review] Starboard Hypersonic, hype or true? In 2003 I bought the starboard hypersonic 105, it was my first ‘new’ board. I bought it early from a teamrider (I think he didn’t really liked it). The board replaced my AHD freerace 289, and WOW this was an amazing step forward for me. In 2006 I … Read more

Testing new iSonics and new Sonntag Fins

Testing new iSonics and new Sonntag Fins The new Sonntag Fins will be tested soon in Tarifa! And I look forward to do it, this will be to understand how the fins work with the (new) iSonics.The following will be tested: the all new Sonntag SL-R series, the revised SL-P and the revised 2 SL-S, … Read more