Great Article in Windsurfer International

Great Article in Windsurfer International Peter De Wit explains the Slingshot in the e-published Windsurfer International. I know many of you reading this will already understand what he talks about, I just wish I could have read this last year when I started on the speed journey. Link here – Also I have done a small … Read more

My 2010 story on

My 2010 story on Many thanks to Thewes, Sacha and the rest of the starboard crew for making this possible!!! Erik Loots Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying … Read more

New event: ODYSSEY of Speed

  New event: ODYSSEY of Speed Karpathos, Greece 02.08.2011 – 21.08.2011 Notice of Race The Event As the event includes various disciplines (challenges) of speed/slalom surfing (see rules below), the event is named as the  ‘Odyssey of Speed’; in the tradition of the ancient greek hero Odysseus, who had several adventures to overcome. The philosophy … Read more

Ground Effect 2.0

  Ground Effect 2.0 A story for the advanced speedsurfer / recordhunter or interested windsurfers. This story involves a lot of techtalk and recordhunting stuff (just remember speedsurfing is NOT only about records).Since almost 1 year after witness some amazing stuff but also rumors I believe there is something special in the (dutch) GPS speedsurfing scene, … Read more

Naish 2011 & Speed

Naish 2011 & Speed I was looking to all new windsurf equipment on and was reading the Naish 2011 topic. There is a (big) change because the Stealth is gone!! I remember the stealth always has been a big name, a fast sail, a world speed record sail, FINIAN MAYNARD Now its little brother the Grand … Read more

First results Speed Classic 2010 (Port Saint Louis)

First results Speed Classic 2010 (Port Saint Louis) Got the information from the facebook page 1/ Bjorn Dunkerbeck 2/ Cédric Bordes 3/ Benoît Moussilmani 4/ Anders Bringdal 5/ Cyril Moussilmani 6/ David Garrel 7/ David Boulanger 8/ Pascal Toselli 9/ Cédric Burel 10/ Bieuzy Mauffret Women 1/ Fanny Aubet 2/ Mélanie Augé 3/ Zara Davis … Read more

Evaluated Ranking 2011

Evaluated Ranking 2011 After the first half of the year I like to take a look on the Evaluated Ranking 2011. Before the year started I thought it would be a nice try to get a ranking every month and maybe I would get a nice position in the Evaluated Ranking at the end. Hmm, … Read more

Very Deep Deck Concave

Very Deep Deck Concave For 2011 we saw Starboard and some others lowering the mastfoot towards the waterline. Most extreme example at this moment is the Starboard iSonic. After a couple of months sailing the iSonic 107 its time to evaluate… Upgrades 107 vs 111 Upgrades: very deep deck concave, harder rails/more square rails under … Read more


  Speedmenu You might be interested in just speed, the highest number on the gps. No worries! The old articles are still present and very good to use. Here some of the most popular links:1 About speedsurfing 1.1 Basics and background 1.2 Getting started 1.3 Learning speedsurfing online 1.4 Speedsurfing disciplines 1.5 Styles & techniques … Read more