Naish 2011 & Speed

Naish 2011 & Speed

I was looking to all new windsurf equipment on and was reading the Naish 2011 topic. There is a (big) change because the Stealth is gone!! I remember the stealth always has been a big name, a fast sail, a world speed record sail, FINIAN MAYNARD Now its little brother the Grand Prix will take over as top-of-the-line racesail. I read the Naish Grand Prix page, I bet this sail will go fast, but my conclusion from the naish page would be the sail is designed to have fun. I think the main target is a big group getting the best performance, and not a sail for only the best ultrafit or strong windsurfers on the planet. It could be the sail works actually quite good for speed for a big group, since it is most likely softer.

I have to admit to be a little disappointed the Stealth is gone, and some serious doubts the Grand Prix 2011 can do what the Stealth achieved in the past. But we will see 🙂

Naish 2011 Grand Prix


Naish Grand Prix racesail


About Naish boards, the slalomsizes are the same as last year, funny fact both the sails and boards have the same name GRAND PRIX. To bad Naish stopped with speedboards, but slalomboards can go fast too. There is something written about a Grand Prix 4.6… Maybe there is a secret comeback in speed 😉


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