Amsterdam-Pampus-Almere Today I used my 380 Phantom raceboard and a 8.3 cambered sail. The windsurf conditions turned out to be good at IJburg. There was an increasingly Northeasterly wind. I was not alone, there were at least 20 others on the water (and some onshore). Waves where moderate (something like 0,7~1,2 m).  First I did some … Read more

windsurf crossing Monnickendam (Gouwzee) – Schellinghout

  windsurf crossing Monnickendam (Gouwzee) – Schellinghout This is the first “successful” 20km+ crossing. There was today a (West-)Northwesterly 6~14 kn breeze and Sun. It was a good challenge, I would  rate it fun and not difficult in these conditions. The seaweeds are never fun, I estimated there would be no seaweed after the first 5 km, it turns out … Read more


  Aruba This year we (me, girlfriend and my brother) went to Aruba for a short vacation, during the ‘winter’ season in the Netherlands. It was the first time for us to windsurf in South-America. Me and my brother like to windsurf together from 10 knots in good weather. And that is what we have … Read more

Bodensee, Friedrichshafen, Germany, windsurfing

Bodensee, Friedrichshafen, Germany, windsurfing Another carbnb adventure, we changed last-minute plans from a trip to Norway into a trip to South Germany or Italy (for better temperatures). The first stop was Bodensee, Germany. We arrived on the west side of the Bodensee and I thought windsurfing would be “not soo good”(read impossible) over here. We did … Read more

IJburg, Markermeer, Amsterdam, IJmeer, windsurfing

  IJburg, Markermeer, Amsterdam, IJmeer, windsurfing Six spots around IJburg/Markermeer/Amsterdam, purple are weed sensitive area in summer I work in Amsterdam, next to the largest lake of the Netherlands the Markermeer. I work there over a year now and have tried many windsurf spots. A few insights for those interested to windsurf here: Spot at … Read more