windsurf crossing Monnickendam (Gouwzee) – Schellinghout


windsurf crossing Monnickendam (Gouwzee) – Schellinghout

This is the first “successful” 20km+ crossing. There was today a (West-)Northwesterly 6~14 kn breeze and Sun.

It was a good challenge, I would  rate it fun and not difficult in these conditions. The seaweeds are never fun, I estimated there would be no seaweed after the first 5 km, it turns out I was wrong… There are lots of seaweed (even 3km offshore). I stopped 10+ times to remove the seaweed, but it many times I caught new weed within a minute “clean surfing”.

Next time I have to use my weedfin. Also have to fix the “daggerboard- rubber-strip”, the glue came loose. A nice fountain came out of the daggerbox all the way back. I could not do speedy fast crossing, but I made it and thats a first for me.

movescount session:

Erik Loots

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