Great Article in Windsurfer International

Great Article in Windsurfer International

Peter De Wit explains the Slingshot in the e-published Windsurfer International.
I know many of you reading this will already understand what he talks about, I just wish I could have read this last year when I started on the speed journey. Link here –

Also I have done a small news article on, with links to the recent Luderitz videos and some plans for the bus next year. Here – If anyone comes to visit Portland Harbour in 2012 we are holding a speed ladder for the year, prizes are yet to be decided but there will be many. Please feel free to email me for further information should you come and join us –

Looks like we will be in for some good winds towards the end of next week here in Western Europe, lets hope there is enough for all as the forecast currently cannot make its mind up. There is a lot of high pressure over the continent at the moment which seems to be blocking the South Westerly flows from the Atlantic. It is better than last year though, I remember that there was only a bit of wind in the first week of November, then nothing until the new year.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus


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