Fanatic Falcon Speed 45 & 51 [2011]


Fanatic Falcon Speed 45 & 51 [2011]

The new falcon speed is mainly developed by Peter de Wit who does windsurf at the same spots as I do, and I bet his ideas will be a guaranty for a true gps-speedboard. There will be 2 sizes 45 and 51cm wide, if I remember correct both have a bottomshape with a V/ doubleconcave combination.

From what I saw on the water the 51 is a board for flat till choppy water, with real flying in control behaviour, soo an efficient ride for the advanced windsurfer. The 45 looks more like the safe bet, a board that you CAN control in highwinds, a board that can handle lots of power (suitable for “newschool” widebase fins), doing high 40kn and a sudden big chop/wave could be OK to handle, pretty much the right ingredients for records ;).

I have good memories of the old falcon speed, this board is still fast… And ofcourse a thrill to ride. Good to see even fanatic still invests in speedsurfing, it keeps the speedgame more interesting for sure!

2011 is definitly the year with the most new production speedboards come out, its crazy (and good)! 3x starboard, 2x fanatic, 2x F2, 3x Carbon Art,  2x Mistral/Nude???  I mean 10- 12 new production models to choose from and I bet there are some new production speedboards missing.

More info about the fanatic speedboard:

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