Already 2 sessions in a row and it looks like today will be the third on ‘t Kuitje, it is a nice oppurtunity to test. Not only I learned about my new gear, finally I got my speed a bit better with Northeast wind. The trick is getting a lot of speed crosswind, this can be used to booost the downwind speed. My acceleration was good, only the short track makes it challenging. Next time my focus will be a bit more on crosswind speed.

The first session on ‘t Kuitje was not much wind, I spend most of the time on shore. In the end the wind looked like it increased and on the water the latest tuning worked out great. I think to have found  for the 7.0  a nice trim in lowwind. Link to session speed

Yesterday I did the second session, this one was a bit more challenging since I tried again both a new board and sail. The pressure was high with lots of good speedsurfers, after lots of tuning and changing fins I was satified by doing some 70km/h+ runs, my fastest runs ever on ‘t Kuitje. I feel like there is more to get and I hope to give it a shot today. The speedspecial boards are something different than all other speedboards I have owned, have to get used to how they trim, still not bad breaking my previous spotrecord ;). The big men did big speed on their favorite equipment, amazing what speed Jurjen and Dirk-Jan can get with a 7.0!?! I hope to prove this year that with 83-85kg I also can come close to these guys on this short and tight course.

I saw lightweight teammember Jan Wolters struggling eventhough he had a nice trim, normally Jan can do some damage on the Waddenzee, the wind was not superstrong soo this might prove his point weight does influence results on this course (looking to the dayranking I start to become a believer too). Maybe I take 2kg lead with me next time… Teammembers Marco and Tim (80-82kg) surfed really quick with such a big board (falcon 80).

I am proud to be teamcaptain of the Wad1team, all the Wadjes did great yesterday. The teamperformance resulted in a first place tied with the unbeatable JP/NP team. http://gpsteamchallenge.com.au/ . I think all teammembers performed above their normal level on at least 1 or 2 points we can score at. The teamspirit is best to boost performance for individuals !!

With the 6.2 Severne Reflex I ended fastest with downhaul on specs and loose leach till the little black line.