4 November – Strand Horst

4 November – Strand Horst

Another Strand Horst session, with at least some better feeling afterwards regarding tuning :), also learned something else…GP3S comment:

Tuningday :), started with W44+5.6, this was OK but the gusts gone by and it was nearly impossible to catch these gusts with some speed. After doing 4 speedruns in 1 hour it was time to try something else.

The iSonic W49 and Reflex 6.2, a combination which was not very good tuned during USM. Soo I started at the point where I ended in USM. Some finetuning after the first run, and it felt pretty good. Also the 3th run with this combination was efficient for the windstrength I had in my sail.

I was happy to see some rain with good gusts, and the first downwinder the sail was suddenly unstable and not OK. Looked and saw the crossbatten was broken thanks to a Stupid personal action (jumping from the board). Tried 3 more runs, but no use. Had little doubt to fix the batten (had spare parts etc), but want to do this good, the 6.2 will be my Strand Horst sail.

Total 10 downwind runs today. And the reason to go to Strand Horst was testing as much as possible LOL. I was thinking about 30 speedruns++ (5 hours time). I hope to get the ducks in a row next time on Strand Horst.

PS (if true), Roger congrats with your 80+km/h average at Bad Hoophuizen!!!

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