Back in the day – 1992 – Martin reports

Martin van Meurs made himself popular in the Netherlands.  Promoting GPS-speedsurfing, recordattempts and the idea speedsurfing is just the best thing ever.

Read about Martin his thoughts some years ago. I translated some parts which are interesting

“In 3 years we should go 100km/h”
“On a speedboard you’re constantly tightrope walking, searching for the ultimate balance between board and rig”

“If you make 1 mistake in 20 seconds on the 500m course when doing 70km/h you loose easily 10-15 places in the ranking”

“What is the speedlimit? –far far away, by improving equipment speedsurfing will change. In the end it will be only depend how far do you dare to push it (100km/h or even faster).”

I downloaded these scans of some magazine from a surfforum a long time ago. (for when there would be frozen water). Good news is I have some other nice photos/content of speedsurfing before 2000, I am just waiting for the original publisher to allow me publish these.