Down Under Youngsters

Down Under Youngsters

Just read 2 impressive stories which I like to share:

First meet Alex Halank (AUS2001) (I guess born in 2001??)
Carbon Art interview
Winner 2010 Starboard Prokids IFCA Freestyle World Championship

He wants to be the youngest ever to reach 30kn!! Go for it Alex, these carbon art boards should be perfect!! This is nice feature of Carbon Art boards, these will be customized to the riders needs (example: just check footstrap position).

Alex his current speedsurfing personal best  you bet severne sails are fast 😉

Also meet Izaak Perkins, fastest gpsteamchallenge junior. He just broke 44kn topspeed! Izaak used Neilpryde and JP speed equipment and a KA speedfin.

Good to see some speed action downunder by some young guys. Both ofcourse with a dad who also likes some windsurfing with GPS

Erik Loots

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