Hydrofoil and speed

Hydrofoil and speed

It just looks AWESOME

Does a hydrofoil and speedsurfing match is the question. For hydroptere it works, but on the windsurfer we don’t have room for a crew tuning the foil angle of attack. This is the only very succesfull sail powered craft for speed. When looking to the years of devepment behind hydroptere I would almost believe there is NO way to exclude minimal 2 guys optimising the vertical lift foils.

But now you can order the AHD hydrofoil, it is not very speedy but still a functional hydrofoil windsurfer. For 0-15kn wind. Possible up to 3 times the windspeed. If I would guess the topspeed would be between 45 and 55km/h (30kn). With one hydrofoil it is a bit magic to fly over the water, keeping balance, searching balance, gusts….

I bet a good match will be THIS sail with the the AHD hydrofoil…

But back to speed, that is what we like to do!! Can we use hydrofoil ever for speedsurfing?? It would be AWESOME, it would be THE speedsurfing invention of the century.  I hope it will be possible to do some speed hydrofoiling, soo I started thinking is it possible to make it work.

There is only 1 problem, the board position is quite unstable. Maybe 2 or more hydrofoils are the only way like the 3 pictures on top. Or I was thinking about this discovery footage (what else…) about a speedboat with 2 wings integrated  in the hull above the watersurface and making the boat stabilize at high speed, this boat could not hydrofoil but once it hitted chop/waves the boat was extreme stable in the air. Use speed, this  “steady” airflow from the front. Maybe ultracrazy, maybe something efficient. At least fun thinking about it, speedsurfing in the future

Erik Loots

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