I just got this email from Marcel Braas with PDF and have to share the new RRD X-Fire. Just because they look great, soo for all RRD fans and speeders the stats:

RRD text:
The X-Fire V3 is the most complete slalom range ever developed by RRD. Nothing has been left out when designing these race winners.
Countless design and testing hours has produced the best boards on the market with the introduction of several important new
features plus an ultra lightweight yet strong full carbon construction in key models. Feeling is believing. Try one today!

The X-FIRE LTD V3 features:
• Effortless gybing
• Earliest planing slalom boards in the business
• Sensational top-end speed in all models
• Reduced weight for all the boards in the range
• Full-carbon laminations top and bottom for the 112 and up creating a stiffer, more
responsive feeling on the water
• New scoop rocker lines for the 112, 122 and 135 that give increased control, lift and speed
• Revised cut-out designs for all boards from the 102 to 135, giving increased controllable
lift with better acceleration
• Most comfortable footstraps on the market, a key to long hours on the water
• Forward angled mast track that fades into a moderate nose deck concave for increased
control and weight savings
• Excellent and improved attention to detail on the sharp rails in the last 30cm of the tail for
better water release and efficiency
• New-age graphics that are pleasing to the eye yet ultra lightweight

Models 80-90-102 LTD V3:
Full custom made PVC sandwich / Carbon UD 80 grms on Deck /Glass bottom
Models 112-122-135 LTD V3:
Full custom made PVC sandwich / Carbon Biax 100 grms on Deck /Carbon UD 80 grms on