Windsurfing Raceboards 2015


Windsurfing Raceboards 2015

A month ago I had a very good windsurfing session together with my brother Wouter. It wasn’t very windy that day, but that was no problem. Wouter used a starboard F-Type and me on a starboard Freeformula. I was having a good time, didn’t know big board can be such fun. I was wondering if even bigger (raceboards) would be even better for light winds (non-planning conditions).But who does make such a board in 2015??? the French! Starboard and Neilpryde:

AHD Tactik (320 x 76 cm, 250 liters, 13kg)
A board without footstraps, not very heavy and made for fun surfing. No adjustable masttrack. Tuttlebox and with dagger.

BIC Hybrid One-Design (308 x 82 cm, 240 liters, 15.5kg)
A board with footstraps, dagger and adjustable masttrack. Made for one-design  surfing in france. Wind 5-30 kn, very popular design.

Exocet RS 380 ELITE (380 x 65 cm, 295 liters, 13.5 kg)
A complete raceboard. RS Elite 380 has a totally different shape, a lot quicker on reaching legs than the previous version. A very competitive board.


Exocet RS D2 ELITE (380 x 70 cm, 428 liters, 14.5kg)
Something like the older starboard Z-class, a competitive board from 2- 20kn. Complete with everything.

Kona One (250 x 70 cm, 220 liters, 15.5 kg)
Another big fun class from France, without adjustable masttrack. However with powerbox.

Neilpryde RS:One (300 x 80 cm, 209 liters, 14 kg)
A board that looks similar to the popular BIC board. With powerbox..

Neilpryde RS:X ( 286 x 93 cm, 220 liters, 15.5 kg)
The olympic board. Tuttlebox.

Starboard Phantom 295 (294 x 72.5 cm, 192 liters, 13.5kg)
A complete board and rather light, the successor of the 320 phantom series. Also built as reasonable priced one-design fun board.

Starboard Phantom 377 (377 x 67 cm, 265 liter, 13 kg)
Favorite in world championship raceboarding.


Surfersgroup SG-R380 (380×65 cm, 290 liters, 12.5kg)
A dutch brand raceboard. Ecofriendly built, less energy and less polution during construction.

Summary and conclusion

  • There are 6 “fun” one-design class boards from different brands, where starboard, neilpryde and bic are alike (more competitive). AHD and Kona seem to be a bit more highwind shaped;
  • There are 4 “hardcore” raceboards, where Exocet offers two models and does cover the widest range. The other two are Starboard and Surfersgroup.
  • There are two price classes, the hardcore raceboards tend to be +-€ 3000,– till € 4500,– and the fun boards about half (start at low € 1200,– till € 2000,–).

Is there a board you would like to get?

I actually don’t know which is my favorite.. I am interested which one is your favorite and why, respond below.

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.