We have many brands producing gear suitable for speedsurfing. My advice would be go with the brands you feel best, find something that suits your style. Not everything works the same for everyone, keep this in mind.

Used gear can be very good, or totally not. There is no windsurfing gear that lasts forever, keep this in mind before making a big investment!!!

Starboard Isonic Speed Special W44/W49/W53/W58
Tabou Manta Speed 49
Carbon Art Speed 40/44/47/50/53
Fanatic Falcon SpeedF2 Missile XS/SJP Speed 45/49/54
Thommen SR
AHD SL1 68/80
Exocet Warp SL50

Sails For Speed
Severne Reflex
Neilpryde RS:Racing Evo2
Gaastra Vapor
Loft Sails Blade
North Sails Warp F2010
KA Koncept
Maui Sails TR-6
Gun Sails Mega XS
Point-7 AC-1
Simmer SCR
Severne Overdrive
Neilpryde RS:Slalom MK3
North Sails Ram F10

Fins for Speed
Sonntag Fins GPS_2
Sonntag Fins SL-S
Select Caspar Speed
Select S07
Caspar Speed (contact me for more info)
Tectonics Talon
Tectonics Falcon F1
C3 Venom
C3 Strike
C3 Sting
Deboichet Upwind
Black Diamond Fins
KA Lockwood fins
Choco Mach2
Choco Fireblade