Today I repaired my Sonntag SL-S 300 which was crashed in a bunch of roots last session. Also worked for 4 hours on the Fanatic Falcon 262 and it is almost ready for action, putted good footstraps on the board, I made the bottom flat again. Tomorrow some sanding/paint and it will be ready for testing!! During my job on the falcon 262 I was thinking “what would be the fastest made-in-1998-board on” This afternoon I completed the list with my gold member functions. Being gold member is great for gps-speedsurfing ;), I have searched all years from 1990 till 2009. I think for 2010 it is a bit short time to put it on the list.

1990-Strapper wave-37.08kn-link
1991-Ocean Motion speed slalom-38.26kn-link (custom?)
1992-Home made-44.33kn-link (custom)
1993-Pettit custom speed-37.26kn-link (custom)
1994-Custom Windtech-43.55kn-link (custom)
1995-Custom Windtech-43.61kn-link (custom)
1996-Custom Jimmy Lewis-36.72kn-link (custom)
1997-Ocean Motion speed slalom-41.10kn-link (custom)
1998-Copello Needle LW-39.44kn-link (custom)
1999-Custom Styrotech-40.11kn-link (custom)
2000-Custom Styrotech-42.38kn-link (custom)
2001-F2 Thommen Small-39.15kn-link
2002-Thunderbird Speed 50-39.52kn-link (custom)
2003-Van den Berg speed-42kn-link (custom)
2004-Exocet Speed-44.15kn-link (custom)
2005-Hammerboard speed 44-45.17kn-link (custom)
2006-F2 missile XS-46.23kn-link
2007-Carbon Art Speed 44-47.75kn-link
2008-F2 missile XS-46.20kn-link
2009-Carbon Art Speed 44-44.66kn-link

Fastest board of the year

Since 2006 production boards rule!! Before it looks like you needed a custom to be competitive on real speedsurfing days. Only a strapper and F2 thommen small made it in the list before 2006.

The nice DAKINE footstraps are borrowed from the Carbon Art Speed 44. The footstrap position is now OK, but not perfect… But don’t want to spend money on this project, I really try to keep the costs low. This board will cost me at most €1,85 per 1kn on the water (when I do 30kn). My goal would be a complete kit < €5,50 per 1 kn. Excluding: Boom+mastfoot+extender (most have this already). The ultimate goal would be 40kn for €200,-.

I might start to look for a 40kn sail+mast for € 95,- after the first Falcon 262 test. I don’t know yet…