Lightwind average speed is increasing!

Lightwind average speed is increasing!

I started at the south Gouwzee windsurf spot and wind was light all day, the original plan was to sail to Lelystad, but I didn’t trust the weather/wind.
I am actually surprised I could get the average speed above 30 km/h. I think the wind was 10-14 kn. The previous times I just didn’t sail long enough to make a good hour, but this time I did :).

I am proud to have done 65 km distance in these conditions, a good training!

Movescount session can be found at the link below
ejloots’s 2:17 h Windsurfing/Surfing Move #SuuntoSurf #Suunto #Ambit3Peak

In the video you can see the track I sailed today. I started off with some normal crosswind sailing, halfway the session I decided to sail all the way to the Northern dam, I took me 35 minutes of upwind surfing to get there, and the way back was done in 15 minutes.. Quite a difference, I think a bigger fin would probably decrease the difference between up- and downwind surfing. That’s something to test next time :), I still have a 46 cm Sonntag Windsurfing Fin.

Erik Loots

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