Carbon Art announced 3 new speedboards according to this forumtopic 49/58/63cm wide speedboards will be added to the existing 40/44/53cm range. 6 speedboards in production, this got to be a new record!!

Some dutch guys can’t seem to get enough of South-France speedspot La Franqui. Again around 10 speedsurfers will drive 1400km for a few windy speedsessions this weekend.

chris lockwood custom nude streaker 46

Most will know Chris Lockwood has the first spot again in the ranking. Chris doesn’t use the CA speedboards anymore, the “nude streaker 46” is his new board for records. With google+facebook I found these pictures.

Wad1team is second again in GPSteamchallenge ;), last session we scored on distance 221km average was a long session. My GPS said I just did 202km and it took ages, I even saw the sun go down during my long distance session. Odometer, grrrrrrr, I did 30km to much, and the GPS made me think I did not enough for 1th place. Still windsurfing in the dark is something special, plus the wind+water gets more constant!!

There are still fast speedsurfers that do believe in polishing boards and fins. I have never had positive experience with polished parts.

Will we ever see any speedrecords actually sailed in the Netherlands??? West-Kirby, La Franqui, Vollerwiek, Sandy Point are now places too be for top-10

nordswell speedwindsurfen de

Gunnar Asmussen and Steffi Wahl won the Nordswell Speedsurfing Tour 2010. With many competitors and 6 heats for men + 5 heats for women. Best average speed of the event (2 runs) 35.004kn by Gunnar.