neilpryde H2

This is a new record for me 8 days in a row windsurfing, sadly today is really windless. Some said yesterday was nothing, but today is really <4kn windspeed. So no chance to add a few days.

Yesterday the wind average was between 10 and 11kn, with gusts up to 14kn. My brother was at home before his work and told me I should use his gear to get even more Time On Water, soo I did.

I was on Fanatic Ray 140 + Neilpryde H2 8.2 + Sonntag SL-S 460, started with boom on max height but after 2 reaches I felt this was not necessary, I lowered the boom 8cm and it was perfect. Overall everything felt softer, easier and MUCH lighter than fullrace equipment (except for the boards actual weight, thats a bit heavy). The H2 8.2 is rigged on an arrows magic stix 460 mast and this works out good, I used the recommended settings on sail only the outhaul was a bit more (thanks to the ultra small X9 160-220 boomdesign, they also could have made it 160-200)

The Neilpryde H2 trim with X9 mast was sailsettings + 1cm for good speed and enough looseness on all courses. With the Arrows Magic Stix 9 460 we ended up with +0.5cm being ideal. We didn’t measure the masts lenght.

The Neilpryde H2 8.2 doesn’t really function with a small 160-220 X9 boom, there is to less space for the profile.

The Neilpryde H2 likes maximum batten tension on the lowest 3 battens. Top 2 battens I prefer completly loose.

Allthought the Fanatic Ray 140 is heavy onshore (8kg?!?), on the water this is not really a problem. It was possible to let the board fly, and dynamical it felt really light and soft over the chop. Soo maybe boardweight is not everything 😉

The Sonntag SL-S 460 was a bit small and I am happy my SL-P fins will arrive soon, for lightwinds you simply need power. This was missing a bit, also tried the standard choco fin which is quite good for a long G10 fin, only I found it hard to be fast all the time. At lower speeds the choco was better, at higher speeds I prefered the SL-S. (logical small vs big fin)

My findings were that I believe with a perfect powerfull fin there was more speed to gain than switching the H2 to a RS:Racing. This is a feeling I have got, the H2 might not have this explosive feeling, BUT everytime I look at the gps it surprised me.

It was almost the slowest session of the day, but the fastest session on the Amstelmeer 🙂 that day. Yes, I was not alone on the Amstelmeer 🙂