For 2009 Select will have serious range of fast fins, I can’t wait to test the new fins!!!!

New Models:

  • SL9 Slam (sizes 25-43cm)
  • Caspar Speed (sizes 21-31cm)
  • S09 (25-43cm)
  • Proslam (43-57cm)

The SL9 is based on his very fast and succesfull brother SL7, only the SL9 will be more forgiving, I haven’t seen it but there were rumors they might changed the profile for even better topspeed.
The Caspar Speed fins are famous in the Netherlands, amazing performance are the fins from the hands of Caspar Verhaagen. I hope Select can do this too in production! I’ll will be ordering these fins!!
I hope the S09 brings the same as the S07 M fins compared to the SL7. This fin could be the USM winner in my eyes!
Proslam, looks like a rival of the deboichet SL2? Don’t know more…

Also these models will be available in 2009:

  • Ultra
  • SL7
  • RS7
  • Devil
  • S.Ride
  • Ride
  • S07 Speed
  • S07 
  • R07
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You’ll be the first ones to know how the fins perform!!! Can’t wait to test the new fins.