This article is a reaction to Mark van Osch his question on www.windsurfing.nl, hereby my first impression: The Fanatic Falcon 2010, I am one of the lucky bastards. Have tried the Fanatic Falcon 86 in these conditions:

-Overpowered with 7.0 could go near 70kmh (38kn)
-A very good powered 5.5 didn’t go as fast as 7.0
-My RS:Slalom 6.2 in its sweetspot

The feeling of the Fanatic Falcon 2010 is for me NOT comparable to any other Fanatic Falcon before. BUT I found the total feeling very familiar… The first time I was sailing and thought WOW this is Carbon Art Speed-style. But this is quite a amazing effort since it works really well. It would be even more intresting if the bigger sizes also work on this concept.

I would call the concept “fixed boardangle”, it looks like Antoine Albeau boardtrim, however for normal surfers the board also allows “a bit deeper tail in water”-trim

I think this is the first fanatic falcon that suits all surfers well, the board itself doesn’t look special. The boardtrim is the MOST stable I have ever sailed, this means your bodyposition can be locked easier than ever before!

Do I want to buy this board?
Not yet, my fanatic falcon 79 is my favorite board ever in that size. Would hurt myself when I sell it, after this short use period. But it is also a fact the Falcon 79 allows a bit LESS powerfull sailing. I came from POWER sailing on Carbon Art, I expect this style is really fast on the new Falcons. However since I am still finetuning my current board, when I found the limits it would be time to change. (however don’t be surprised if you see me sailing a falcon 86…)

Who Should buy the Fanatic Falcon 86 2010?
If you are looking for something that doesn’t take of in gusts in a scarry way. If you would like extreme fast acceleration in the easiest package ever, don’t look further. I am not joking, this board allows bad trim and still will be able to take dayvictory. Control/Easy/Power/Fast this is what I think of 2010, compared to the older monoconcave falcons which I would describe as Fast/Most Efficient/Hard trim

I believe the new fanatic falcon will blast WAY faster than 2009 in terms of speed. But more important I believe the Fanatic Falcon 2010 is good to match all top 10 sailbrands/ finbrands. I can’t say this about all the other Fanatic Falcons before (including 2009)

General Trimtips:
-Board works better a bit to much powered than vice-versa. Don’t rig to small
-For really high speed your Caspar Speed or Select SL7 is quite suitable ( good new for the old monoconcave riders!)
-Mastfoot I found the “monoconcave-position” good, which is in my case 3-4cm back from the center

Trimtips for the advanced riders:
-A bit more raked fin would be a tiny percentage more efficient. With Carbon Art Speed I used 14 degrees rake with great succes, I guess with the new falcon you could do the same trick. Even more rake is possible… If you’re willing to experiment, let me know if you found more performance!!