Windexperience 2011


Windexperience 2011

Longtime no see blogger (I even pushed the wrong button to publish 2 days ago), but I am not gone, speedsurfingblog is not gone (thanks Patrick!). I still have my favorite slalom board alltime the iSonic 107, and it gives me great pleasure everytime I use it. Its like a good old friend that you know 100% and trust at all times even when conditions are crazy. When I went windsurfing last couple of times it was sooo great, I mean the time with friends and the water thats what I miss.If you are interested this weekend I will be at the windexperience, check HERE for location. Its an event with some of brands I sail plus many others. Maybe a speeddemo, I am there all day for you and all kind of speedsurfing questions. Please come to the LutjeBeach if you have some questions or want to test new boards…

I heard this rumor of the starboard iSonic 107 (2012) being present at the windexperience.

Also pleaaase, we don’t like a rainy event, 2 days standing in the rain is no fun (unless its 20kn wind or much more). Predictions look OK right now, but we windsurfers know better…

Erik Loots

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