Speedspot Amstelmeer::: Everything you should know!

On the picture I have plotted a few track from last month. The yellow lines are totally FLAT spots, it is very good for amateur or even beginner speedsurfers. You can stand along the long dam. The rest of the Amstelmeer is 2m deep or even deeper.

Amstelmeer is only fast when the winddirection is NNW-NW-WNW-W-WSW-SW. The best/easiest winddirections are NW and WSW.

The black lines are open water spots, all speeds were sailed with Westerly winds. Depending on direction I found those open water spots sometimes faster or more FUN. Go the the Black lines spots if you don’t have problems crossiing waves in access of 0.5-1.0m on high speed >60km/h or >32kn.

If you have good upwind speed I would advice to start on Lutjestrand Blue/Yellow spot. Remember you have to go 2km= 1NM upwind… If you don’t want to point upwind for 10-15min upwind I would recommend “het schapendijkje” Red/Yellow spot.

The headquaters of (windsurfing shop) is just 1km more west in Hypolitushoef, LOTS of speedsurfing gear for good prices. That’s the place I get my speedstuff.

One last NOTE:::
The speeds mentioned are sailed by me, the best speed ever is on the amstelmeer is 81km/h or 44kn (Peter de Wit). The wind on the Amstelmeer is based on little depressions, so if you would like to spend your holiday here think twice. This is the windiest spot of the Netherlands, but especially in summer a month without wind happens…

-winddirection = S/SSE/SE
-midnight till 9:00, wind doesn’t come early