The Sonntag Fins SL-S is made for slalom and works over a large range (even very good for SPEED). This is the first (and so far the only) fin into production, you can buy this fin (click on sonntag logo on speedsurfingblog homepage)!!

I tested the SL-S in sizes range from 28-46cm, with rakes from 11 till 14 degrees. The best fact of the fin is the very wide windrange + low drag. I like to sail the SL-S in extreme conditions, chop/waves going everywere. But I also like to sail it in minimal conditions (because of the low drag)

The SL-S has a very flexy tip, this makes a sort of hydrofoil-lowdrag feeling. The fin has a shorter cord than other famous fins (like Select SL7), still the SL-S is not sensitive for spinout.

The SL-S in my weapon of choise in the speedrange 50-70kmh, speaking for those speeds it is possible to double windspeed without problems for me (even with messy water you get close). When you’re getting overpowered the fin is giving enough control so it will not get you into problems. I tried some crazy things with the SL-S… So far the best speed I did was 72kmh, I feel there is much more to get. I have actually added on my to-do list:
-Taking the SL-S on a flat spot and do 40kn+
-Trying the SL-S in real lowwind conditions <10kn

Also the SL-S will be my weapon of choise when I finally do an attack on the hour-record… Gybing is so easy, the SL-S is really great in handling lowspeed and lowwind. It is still a very new fin/concept, sooo many thing to test, there will be a second review with all information