How To: Break 30kn

This article is written for starting speedsurfers, the first nice goal would be to reach 30kn (= 55km/h) on your GPS. 30kn Is some kind of barrier, skilled speedsurfers can reach 30kn quite fast. But how to do it?

What do we need?
Normal windsurfgear is OK, just don’t rig way to big or small. With freeride gear 30kn is possible but you need some more wind. I would advice to reach 30kn boardspeed in 20kn wind. Look to the How To: Do Basic Tuning to get a fast setup for all conditions.


  1. Search for some flatter water, with possibility to go downwind
  2. Go crosswind as fast as you can
  3. Wait for a gust and go downwind, DO NOT hang harder into the sail in the gust. By keeping the sail in normal stance you will be faster.

Good Luck and please respond when you succeeded