Big winds in Europe: GPS Top 10 2011 little bit rearranged


Big winds in Europe: GPS Top 10 2011 little bit rearranged

This week many european speedspots got really good wind, the result are some sick speeds and some changes in the GP3S Yearranking.

New in the Top 10 are two german riders, Thomas Döblin (44.57knots) and for the first time ever in the Top 10 Alexander Lehman (44.54knots). Thomas should get the national record with this session. They sailed at Vollerwiek, a spot which is only usable a very few times, but if it is, it is obviously super fast!

Both “The Brace” and “Da Curve” in the Netherlands got epic conditions. There was so much wind that only a very few people could handle the conditions. It looks like Hans Kreisel sets a new national record at “The Brace” as well and he improved his personal record to 45.74knots. Jurjen van der Noord “battled” with Hans for the national record and scored an 44.16knots average himself. But unfortunately he dropped out of the Top 10.

The level in GPS speedsurfing is really high at the moment. Not only Jurjen is out of the Top 10 with such great results. West Kirby got some winds this week as well, but even the fastest man there Farrell O’Shea missed the Top 10 with 44.10knots.

Jurjen was wearing a GoPro while surfing at the Brace and here you can see the action.

Another nice video was taken by the belgian rider Benjamin Verdin, it gives an impression how hard the conditions were.

Patrick Miller

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