From all my windsurfequipment, my clothing has been always very bad… I just took the cheapest Wetsuit/Shoes/Boots/etc. Because lack of money, I did spended >150,- euro for an fin with no problems. But for windsurf clothing I never wanted to invest. And that was quite stupid!!! WetsuitThe difference between my worst and my best wetsuit … Read more


I just got this email from Marcel Braas with PDF and have to share the new RRD X-Fire. Just because they look great, soo for all RRD fans and speeders the stats: RRD text:The X-Fire V3 is the most complete slalom range ever developed by RRD. Nothing has been left out when designing these race winners.Countless … Read more


The new RS Racing (EVO2)  from the Neilpryde development program should be around Februari 2009 in the Netherlands. The sail does look like his previous brothers, only one very visible change. The change is above the boom the mast became shorter and the sail wider. I heard this change is giving more range. I don’t … Read more

USM 2 /2010

Short report, thanks to the not-so-great-personal-results. I have to applaud for Hans Kleingeld for his right forecast, AND superhigh improvement on his new gear!! The wind was good enough, water was flat, enough space, enough gusts, sun, overall ingredients to make a perfect speedsurfing day. I did have the worst problem, it felt OK and … Read more

How To: Break 30kn

This article is written for starting speedsurfers, the first nice goal would be to reach 30kn (= 55km/h) on your GPS. 30kn Is some kind of barrier, skilled speedsurfers can reach 30kn quite fast. But how to do it? What do we need?Normal windsurfgear is OK, just don’t rig way to big or small. With … Read more


The Sonntag Fins SL-S is made for slalom and works over a large range (even very good for SPEED). This is the first (and so far the only) fin into production, you can buy this fin (click on sonntag logo on speedsurfingblog homepage)!! I tested the SL-S in sizes range from 28-46cm, with rakes from … Read more


Speedspot Amstelmeer::: Everything you should know! On the picture I have plotted a few track from last month. The yellow lines are totally FLAT spots, it is very good for amateur or even beginner speedsurfers. You can stand along the long dam. The rest of the Amstelmeer is 2m deep or even deeper. Amstelmeer is … Read more


De laatste maand dat ik deze geweldige zeilen mag gebruiken is aangebroken! De nieuwe gaastra Vapor 2008 zeilen komen laatste week van februari ongeveer binnen. Onderstaand heb ik allemaal getest met de Gaastra Zeilen. Gaastra Vapor (2007) en MastenIk heb slechts de 5.5 en 6.5 in mijn bezit gehad, dus alleen de RDM masten getest:-Gaastra … Read more


We have many brands producing gear suitable for speedsurfing. My advice would be go with the brands you feel best, find something that suits your style. Not everything works the same for everyone, keep this in mind. Used gear can be very good, or totally not. There is no windsurfing gear that lasts forever, keep … Read more


I like to exercise and navigate at the same time, this way the gps shows the route while still saving the gps-track and recording speed.