Introduction to ‘The Bus’

Introduction to ‘The Bus’ Weymouth Speed Week 2011, 33.5knots max on Exocet SL sport 66cm  with 37.5 cm Back Project type R fin and 7.6 Tush X15 sail  Result: 2nd place Novice.  Picture taken by Dave White. This feels quite strange, writing about myself on someone elses website is not something I am used to … Read more

10 Speedsurfing DO NOTS

  10 Speedsurfing DO NOTS 1. DO NOT Think upwind has higher priority than downwind… OK officially the upwind sailor goes first, but on most ‘speed-days’ you don’t have the perfect wind on every run, and the good runs are not too regular. It is not good when you finally seek out that gust and … Read more

Windexperience 2011

  Windexperience 2011 Longtime no see blogger (I even pushed the wrong button to publish 2 days ago), but I am not gone, speedsurfingblog is not gone (thanks Patrick!). I still have my favorite slalom board alltime the iSonic 107, and it gives me great pleasure everytime I use it. Its like a good old friend … Read more

Fanatic Falcon Speed and Widebase-Fins

  Fanatic Falcon Speed and Widebase-Fins Yesterday should be a big day with really strong winds in the Netherlands. I decided to go to Strand Horst for a nice Speedsession. The wind was much lighter than expected but it was nice to do the first session with the Tectonics Nomad 23cm. I’m using the Fanatic … Read more

Big winds in Europe: GPS Top 10 2011 little bit rearranged

  Big winds in Europe: GPS Top 10 2011 little bit rearranged This week many european speedspots got really good wind, the result are some sick speeds and some changes in the GP3S Yearranking. New in the Top 10 are two german riders, Thomas Döblin (44.57knots) and for the first time ever in the Top … Read more

Topspeeds from Down Under – A closer look

Topspeeds from Down Under – A closer look On 10th July 2011 the legendary speedspot Sandy Point in Australia was on fire again. The speeds are super impressive, two averages above 46knots and a new 10sec. GPS World Record with 47.59knots for Craig Spottiswood. A few small discussions were started if the asymmetrical fins which … Read more

The advantage of up to date Speedstuff

The advantage of up to date Speedstuff At first: I will try to publish some articles from time to time in the future, maybe two in a month, to keep the blog alive, because in my opinion it would be a shame to shut down this great blog Erik started! If you take a look … Read more

News update

News update Its crazy good weather in the Netherlands, rumors are this 2011 year will be one of the hottest summers in last 100 years. Last couple of days lots of surfsessions, on mostly thermal winds. Even at places like Strand Horst, which is quite is still looking for interesting experts. So would you … Read more

German Speedchannel!!

  German Speedchannel!! German speedchannel in the making Finally the channel will be ready this season, a topsecret project for many years. Dimensions 2100m long and 150m wide, curved course. It will be great to have a speedspot without tidal problem and free to use. Manfred Merle and Thomas Doublin claim the record will be … Read more

500 people like

  500 people like Wow a new benchmark for this blog, liked by 500 people. Speedsurfing may not be the biggest sport, but interesting enough to blog about and be liked by 500 people. I like it 🙂 Erik Loots Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in … Read more