Dangerous fishtraps on Amstelmeer!!

Dangerous fishtraps on Amstelmeer!! Today I got shaken up, full crash into a fishtrap at 67.5 km/h (36.5kn) on the Amstelmeer. Or should I say windsurfertrap?? Broke 1 fin, harnass +line gone..Lets start with the beginning. Yesterday I got the 2011 Starboard Futura 93 from Hans Kleingeld to try, did also some windsurfing at Strand … Read more

Amstelmeer fishnet update!

Amstelmeer fishnet update! Not so long ago I crashed into a fishnet at the Amstelmeer, you can read more about this HERE. Yesterday I had a very positive call with the fisherman. Conclusion was we have to work together and make it good for both windsurfing and fishing in wintertime. In summertime there were never … Read more

Alice Arutkin joins Sonntag-Fins!

Alice Arutkin joins Sonntag-Fins! http://www.sonntag-fins.com/2011/01/alice-arutkin-joins-sonntag-fins.html Great news, now the Sonntag Fins team has 3 men and 3 women. I believe these different sources of feedback are good for the Sonntag philosophy, making fins specific for each rider needs (tall, short, strong, light or heavy + speed, slalom, matchrace, formula or freeride). Alice her website: http://www.alicefra111.fr/ Erik … Read more

Speedsurfing / Windsurfing – Hypothermia Risks

Speedsurfing / Windsurfing – Hypothermia Risks Last session it was still cold, both the air and water temperature was around 3 degrees Celsius. But we went windsurfing, I was not aware it was this cold somehow. My bottomline at this moment with my current wetsuit is 5 or 6 degrees air temperature. The session was … Read more

Back in the day – 1992 – Martin reports

Martin van Meurs made himself popular in the Netherlands.  Promoting GPS-speedsurfing, recordattempts and the idea speedsurfing is just the best thing ever. Read about Martin his thoughts some years ago. I translated some parts which are interesting “In 3 years we should go 100km/h” “On a speedboard you’re constantly tightrope walking, searching for the ultimate … Read more

Björn and Carlos about the Starboard Speed Specials 2011

Björn and Carlos about the Starboard Speed Specials 2011 Source: http://www.star-board.com/AutumnWinter2011/news_events/read.php?threadid=9842 Björn Dunkerbeck and Carlos Sosa are explaining the thoughts behind the boards. But also results during testing the final proto boards. Erik Loots Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore … Read more

4 November – Strand Horst

4 November – Strand Horst Another Strand Horst session, with at least some better feeling afterwards regarding tuning :), also learned something else…GP3S comment: Tuningday :), started with W44+5.6, this was OK but the gusts gone by and it was nearly impossible to catch these gusts with some speed. After doing 4 speedruns in 1 … Read more