Speed equipment weight (Now versus 3 years ago)

Speed equipment weight (Now versus 3 years ago) Three years ago speedsurfingblog.com just started as my personal blog. One of the very first english articles was about my equipment weight (check the article here).Now I thought lets compare my 2008 speedset with my new equipment. Now it turns out the total weight is exactly the … Read more

RRD X-Fire 2011

RRD X-Fire 2011 The brand new 2011 X-Fire I just got this email from Marcel Braas with PDF and have to share the new RRD X-Fire. Just because they look great, soo for all RRD fans and speeders the stats: RRD text: The X-Fire V3 is the most complete slalom range ever developed by RRD. … Read more

Rallye raid Dakar 2011 & windsurfing

Rallye raid Dakar 2011 & windsurfing http://www.dakar.com/ At home my brother Wouter is huge fan of the Dakar rallye and so this means I watched most  reports of this legendary rally last years. Started to search more about this rally, it has similarity with our passion speedsurfing only more expensive. Enjoyed really watching this rally … Read more

Links – 150 windsurf Blogs

Links – 150 windsurf Blogs Now the newest list with links to all blogs I know, new are the catagories. Just contact me to add your blog (because I don’t know everything online 😉 ). This list contains over 150 blogs (most are regular updated) about windsurfing. Click on the title “Links –  Blogs” to … Read more

Interview David Gollick about Windsurfingfins.co.uk

  Interview David Gollick about Windsurfingfins.co.uk On facebook I saw www.windsurfingfins.co.uk and there are a lot of things going on last 12 months. Also received emails from speedsurfingblog.com readers with questions about the finshop. So it was about time for a interview about this new service! Why did you Start Windsurfingfins.co.uk? For years I struggled … Read more

Gaastra Vapor 2011

Gaastra Vapor 2011 Click the picture for a new background 😉 Just got an email from Bert den Boer, with the new gaastra vapor information included. Most will know Dan Kaseler is no longer responsible for the Gaastra sails, this Vapor is the very first “Peter Munzlinger Gaastra”. If I have to guess the new … Read more

Down Under Youngsters

Down Under Youngsters Just read 2 impressive stories which I like to share: First meet Alex Halank (AUS2001) (I guess born in 2001??) Carbon Art interview Winner 2010 Starboard Prokids IFCA Freestyle World Championship He wants to be the youngest ever to reach 30kn!! Go for it Alex, these carbon art boards should be perfect!! … Read more

Dangerous fishtraps on Amstelmeer!!

Dangerous fishtraps on Amstelmeer!! Today I got shaken up, full crash into a fishtrap at 67.5 km/h (36.5kn) on the Amstelmeer. Or should I say windsurfertrap?? Broke 1 fin, harnass +line gone..Lets start with the beginning. Yesterday I got the 2011 Starboard Futura 93 from Hans Kleingeld to try, did also some windsurfing at Strand … Read more

Amstelmeer fishnet update!

Amstelmeer fishnet update! Not so long ago I crashed into a fishnet at the Amstelmeer, you can read more about this HERE. Yesterday I had a very positive call with the fisherman. Conclusion was we have to work together and make it good for both windsurfing and fishing in wintertime. In summertime there were never … Read more

Alice Arutkin joins Sonntag-Fins!

Alice Arutkin joins Sonntag-Fins! http://www.sonntag-fins.com/2011/01/alice-arutkin-joins-sonntag-fins.html Great news, now the Sonntag Fins team has 3 men and 3 women. I believe these different sources of feedback are good for the Sonntag philosophy, making fins specific for each rider needs (tall, short, strong, light or heavy + speed, slalom, matchrace, formula or freeride). Alice her website: http://www.alicefra111.fr/ Erik … Read more