The speedsecret from UK – K4 fins

  The speedsecret from UK – K4 fins Steve flying with massive grip Most readers will know Steve Thorp from the top 10 each year. Now you can buy his fins, K4 fins, for gps-speedsurfing but also kick-ass wavefins. The K4 speedfins are developed by Steve, Farrel O’shea and Jon Kennett (Moo Custom) Time … Read more

Strand Horst action!

Strand Horst action! While I was working today getting my car good enough to get road-legal again the wind was strong. Strand Horst turned out to be really fast… some rumors: 89km/h topspeed & few 84km/h runs for Dirk Jan Knol Martin van Meurs in hospital MANY 80+++km/h peaks from different surfers Waterlevel was -60cm … Read more

[review] Suunto Ambit Peak 3 for windsurfing

  [review] Suunto Ambit Peak 3 for windsurfing This is not my first GPS for windsurfing. A long time ago I started with the Garmin Foretrex (also a watch). After losing a foretrex twice I got a amarillo triptracker (navi GT 11), for this GPS a aquapack was required around my arm. After this I bought two GT31 … Read more

[review] Sonntag GPS_6

[review] Sonntag GPS_6 How much speed do you need! The GPS_6 takes medium wind efficiency to a higher level. It is not a lightwind fin, performance is below average in lightwind. I didn’t test it in extreme high wind, however I believe the fin is best for 20~35kn of wind. Why is it fast? I … Read more

[review] Tribal Powermax

[review] Tribal Powermax I was looking for a fast freeride fin. In 2007 I had Tectonics Falcon F1 fins (which are freeride fins). Chris Lockwood recommended these fins and I really like them. Last year I did a session with my Sonntag SL-S (an old competition fin) and I questioned myself if a freeride fin … Read more

(Sea)Weed and windsurfing future

  (Sea)Weed and windsurfing future Windsurfers do not like weed, seagrass, seaweed, algue, etc. The reason is simple, if you catch weed on your windsurf fin it feels like your pulling a boat and everything becomes unstable. The only way to get rid of weed is by pulling it off your fin (which means you … Read more

Carbon content versus bendcurve

  Carbon content versus bendcurve I have now multiple sails (different brands). In the past I always chose the recommended mast, but since 2017 I tried random masts (which we already had). Read the experiences of this year: I have a loft sails blade with RDM mast, perfect sail well made. And than I got the … Read more

windsurf crossing Monnickendam (Gouwzee) – Schellinghout

  windsurf crossing Monnickendam (Gouwzee) – Schellinghout This is the first “successful” 20km+ crossing. There was today a (West-)Northwesterly 6~14 kn breeze and Sun. It was a good challenge, I would  rate it fun and not difficult in these conditions. The seaweeds are never fun, I estimated there would be no seaweed after the first 5 km, it turns out … Read more


Amsterdam-Pampus-Almere Today I used my 380 Phantom raceboard and a 8.3 cambered sail. The windsurf conditions turned out to be good at IJburg. There was an increasingly Northeasterly wind. I was not alone, there were at least 20 others on the water (and some onshore). Waves where moderate (something like 0,7~1,2 m).  First I did some … Read more

Some thoughts when picking a new sail for blasting around

  Some thoughts when picking a new sail for blasting around I like to have a sail with a large windrange. I like a sail which is lightweight. I like something dureable. I like some speed, but more important not just a 3 second acceleration, speed which I can keep up all day (light sail on the … Read more