It looks like the new Naish Stealths are complete different from last couple of years. At first sight I see a tighter leech. Looks like a Gaastra Vapor design! I don’t know the rider on the pictures, if you reconize the rider maybe we could get some real valuable information. Off course it is new … Read more


I think it is about time to write a few things about these sails. I have used 8.6/7.8/7.0/6.2 and have some impression I am willing to share. Dispite different look the sail has sort of the same feeling like the older model RS:Racing (E1) Downhaul is way different, it seems that you can use different … Read more


Starboard just dropped me this email, about the futura speedpotential. Nice one to read. I believe the Futura is as fast as the iSonic, last time I did check the shape and it looks fast to me. I know at least 2 happy speedsurfers that have did serious speed or personal records on the futura-series. … Read more


For me older gear is quite intresting since I am not that long into windsurfing, I’ll take any chance to try some ‘older gear‘ it might be intresting to see what older gear does. Gear older than 5 years will fall in this catagory.To start my second board (first one was a custom extra heavy…):Why would I review such … Read more


For 2009 Select will have serious range of fast fins, I can’t wait to test the new fins!!!! New Models: SL9 Slam (sizes 25-43cm) Caspar Speed (sizes 21-31cm) S09 (25-43cm) Proslam (43-57cm) The SL9 is based on his very fast and succesfull brother SL7, only the SL9 will be more forgiving, I haven’t seen it but there were rumors they might changed the profile for even better topspeed.The Caspar Speed fins are famous … Read more


This article is a reaction to Mark van Osch his question on, hereby my first impression: The Fanatic Falcon 2010, I am one of the lucky bastards. Have tried the Fanatic Falcon 86 in these conditions: -Overpowered with 7.0 could go near 70kmh (38kn)-A very good powered 5.5 didn’t go as fast as 7.0-My RS:Slalom … Read more


After having both boards used for more than 5 times each it is time to share my findings. The boards are real slalomboards, even I (as speedsurfer) can seriously feel the difference with gybing compared to speedboards or other boards used before. It actually took a long time to find the board its weak spots, … Read more

Great Article in Windsurfer International

Great Article in Windsurfer International Peter De Wit explains the Slingshot in the e-published Windsurfer International. I know many of you reading this will already understand what he talks about, I just wish I could have read this last year when I started on the speed journey. Link here – Also I have done a small … Read more

My 2010 story on

My 2010 story on Many thanks to Thewes, Sacha and the rest of the starboard crew for making this possible!!! Erik Loots Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying … Read more

New event: ODYSSEY of Speed

  New event: ODYSSEY of Speed Karpathos, Greece 02.08.2011 – 21.08.2011 Notice of Race The Event As the event includes various disciplines (challenges) of speed/slalom surfing (see rules below), the event is named as the  ‘Odyssey of Speed’; in the tradition of the ancient greek hero Odysseus, who had several adventures to overcome. The philosophy … Read more